Looking for a great web design company in Newcastle to create an awesome content rich online presence for you company.. aren’t we all. You searched for ‘Web design Newcastle’ or similar keywords in your search engine and you ended up here…..  did you stop to wonder how? and why the search engines chose to show you this website?

I’m looking for Web Designers in Newcastle? so I put into google ‘Web Design Newcastle’ but you ended up on this site and we dont offer web design in Newcastle…… thats because we used clever internet marketing to influence the search engines and make our site appear high in the index for the keywords Web Design Newcastle.

But wait dont leave just yet you havent heard what we have to say and why we wanted to appear in in the results along with other ‘website Designers Newcastle’

The best website is rarely the one that looks the nicest, they are also very rarely the ones that have snazzy flash graphics and lots of animation unless you have potts of cash to waste on advertising then you need a combination of SEO exports and wed design techniques that are proven to generate SALES. Any web designer in newcastle will be able to provide some assistance in advertising your website and a bit of advice on SEO but if you really want to make a difference you need to have a focused professional SEO team to promote and advertise your website for you years of experience in generating incremental sales for clients.

What is an SEO?  SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, this basically means when you type something into google or other search engine we make your site appear in the results (near the top or at the top). Like when you used the keywords WEB DESGIN NEWCASLE in to find this page and our site.

Although our company can not provide web design Newcastle as such we basically work along side the  best newcastle web design firms to ensure that the site is designed in the best possible way for search engines to ensure the optimul number of visitors to your site and not just focused on the snazzy effects some deisgners will baffle clients with.

If you are about to create a new press marketing strategy your advertising team would sort it out, you wouldnt go straight to a Printing company and give them your entire budget to design the best billboard advert ever then place it at the back of your office so that only your own staff would ever see it? No you wouold get your advertising guru’s to get the message into the market place so that as many people as possible get to read hear and see your advertising message.

Ok if you create a site that is content rich and looks great you spend hours poring content into it and loving care and attention …… but nobody ever gets to see it! Then thats where we come in you need an SEO and you need one at the START of the project to act as a consultant to translate what you want to the web designers to achieve and how to get your message accross. However if you have alread had a Web Design for your Newcastle or North East Company then dont panic we can still help, we can make subtle changes to the site layout and design to ensure it out performs the competition.

Basically a good web design team are normally experts in producing beautiful sites that look and function flawlessly however this is all well and good but you also need a site that generates sales and enquiries by the bucket load! The way to do this is to Optimise the content for Search engines, this is the cheapest form of Web Advertising and the most rewarding in terms of return. Im not suggesting you sacrifice all that great design and lovingly added contenet by any means, simply build the site not just for users but also for search engines like google, msn and yahoo.

Jobs Newcastle

So check out other sites that the newcastle web design company have produced and then see how good they really are at SEO. Contact us via the forum and we will help promote your site to be the best in the business and not just a local site but generating national sales on a regular basis.

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